Forthcoming conferences

We had a fabulous time again. Your organisation was impeccable, the venue and hotel were superb.

It’s a pleasure to join colleagues and learn together, but it’s a special privilege to work with an organisation that is motivated, slick, efficient and well organised.

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The Conferences

  • Dowling Club Dermatology Trip, Nepal

    Dowling Club Dermatology Trip, Nepal

    April 2019

    We are delighted to announce that the 2019 Dowling Club overseas trip will be to Nepal. We are very excited to be joining the Nepalese dermatologists for their annual meeting in Katmandu and we will visit the world famous Anandaban leprosy centre and then travel to Pokhara where we are planning a clinical cases meeting with the local dermatologists and a visit to Green Pastures Hospital. More Details

  • Hidden Japan

    Hidden Japan

    May 2019

    Join us on a special trip to this fascinating country and experience the excitement and beauty of this enigmatic country. The amazing vibrancy of Tokyo, the historical charm of the temples and shrines of Kyoto the sober story of Hiroshima. However, what makes this itinerary so special is the Hidden Japan that we have discovered and are so eager to share. More Details

  • Croatia


    September 2019

    Stunning Split stands proudly on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, and due to its climate is called the Mediterranean Flower. Centred around an ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, constructed in the 4th century AD and boasting limestone and marble towers, columns and courtyards. It features eclectic architecture, spectacular views and delicious cuisine. More Details

  • India


    November 2019

    There is nothing quite like the sights and sounds and the colours of India; and this tour includes them all. Whether you have never visited India before or are a regular visitor to this part of the world our tour of the South East region in Tamil Nadu is sure to delight you. More Details

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