Seoul Extension Itinerary

South Korea is already a go to destination for the fashion pack and foodies alike and Seoul is very much its pulsing capital and an emerging world city. Our three day tour will be to give you an insight into why this is the up and coming part of the world ( and not just because it beat Germany in the World Cup!) . There will be time for mooching the local shops, tasting the delicious food (Kimchi is definitely not the only thing on offer) meditating in a local temple and touring some of the spectacular museums, palaces and architecturally beautiful buildings.

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Ringed by verdant mountains and dotted with grand, historic palaces and modern, glass-and-steel structures, Seoul is a dynamic capital city that is both deeply traditional and forward-thinking.

Simply look outside your room’s floor-to-ceiling windows, and you’ll see what we mean. This contemporary hotel is totally in keeping with the area and is a wonderful initiation to this part of Asia.


9TH MAY 2019

Palace Garden & Tower

We will be met at the airport from our direct British Airways flight and start the day with a visit to one of Seoul’s most historic features – one of Its four Royal Palaces . The Changdeok Palace is considered the most attractive as its position backs on to the mountains in the north- a positive Feng Sui site.

Like all the other Royal Palaces this has been destroyed by the Japanese invasions and subsequent wars, including the Korean War and so though established in the 15th century the buildings that you see are re-constructed replicas, though stunning nevertheless. The Kings and Queens quarters are central to the area and the ingenious underfloor heating system leading to elaborately crafted chimneys are of particular interest.

The design of the buildings and their structure embeds Confusian philosophy and legends and reflects the historic culture and beliefs of the Koreans.

Though the buildings are of particular interest the highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the Secret Garden. This extensive undulating forested area behind the place is designed to reflect a spiritual harmony with stunning pools and vista, charming pavilions and libraries.

After the visit we will head to one of the well known areas of the city – Insadong. This is full of galleries and art museums and the venue for our lunch. We have booked a typical Korean restaurant in the Antiques Alley.

After lunch there will be a chance to get your bearings in the most spectacular way as you ascend one of Seoul’s most visible landmarks the N Seoul Tower. The view from the top of this is spectacular, sitting as it does on Namsan Hill. As you begin to flag we will drive back to the hotel for check-in and relax in the wonderful Four Seasons.


Koreans eat early, and so shall we, being on UK time and lacking sleep. A short hop to Gwangjang market where you will be shown some of the local delicacies on offer before being left to your own devices to sample as many (or as few) of the famous Korean street food as you would like. All is delicious and given the hygiene of a country where streets and public transport is scrupulously litter free, all fine to eat. From here we will return to the hotel and to the luxurious bedding at the Four Seasons.

10TH MAY 2019

Silence, Sanctuary & Shopping

We will meet our guide at 0930 this morning for the ten minute walk from our hotel to Jogyesa Temple. Here we will learn more about Temple life – with an orientation tour, tea with a monk, lotus lantern making and some time for meditation. It is a unique opportunity to take some time for reflection and learn some meditation to allow you to relax and cope with the hectic pace of modern life.

Though the afternoon has been left free for you to explore, the conscientiousness of Mrs Ingram means that she has volunteered to share with you some of the shopping discoveries we made on our inspection trip. If you persuade her she will lead you through the boutique area of Gangnam and Sinsa where the up and coming Korean designers shops are and a wonderful area for simply browsing.

Alternatively you could just go from the Buddhist simplicity of the morning to the decadence of the Four Season’s Spa or pool!

In the early evening there is the option for those who have not been shopping of meeting up near Sinsa Metro station and we can all explore the great variety of restaurants and night life in the area.

11TH MAY 2019

DMZ & War Museum

An early start to get there before the crowds. It takes 1-1 ½ hours to reach the DMZ and on the way you can see the partially denuded hills of the southern extremities of North Korean territory.

Incredibly popular and rather orchestrated, this is nevertheless a fascinating tour especially in the light of recent geo-political events. One of the highlights is the descent into one of the penetration tunnels dug by the North Koreans and subsequently discovered and sealed in the 1970’s. It is now open to visitors though you very much stay in South Korean subterranean territory!

Our next stop is the observation post which is equipped with high powered binoculars so you can see across the divide into the North. You will be able to see the now redundant joint industrial area and the North Korean town built close to the border ( let alone the never ending competition to who has the highest flagpole)

The visitor centre at the DMZ has a short presentation on the Korean war though this is better covered at this afternoon’s museum.

A particularly relevant destination is Dorasen Train Station which is a massive building and complex newly built in preparation for the restoration of the rail link between the two countries. One day they hope to be able to link South Korea not just with the North but onwards through continental Asia to Europe.

We hope to be able to include a visit to the joint security area – the venue of the historic meeting between Kim Jon-Un and Moon-Jae-In. This can only be booked a few weeks in advance and is dependent on multiple political factors so fingers crossed.

The historic aspect continues after we arrive back in Seoul (though there will be time for lunch first) with a visit to the Museum the Korean War which recounts the history, ,causes and effects of the proxy Cold War clash of the 1950’s.

Then it is back to the hotel.

Congdhu Dinner

This evening we have a arranged a final Korean meal in a delightful restaurant a few minutes’ walk from the hotel – Congdhu. A perfect place to relax and enjoy our final night in Seoul (Optional Extra).


Seoul pre-conference extension includes:

  • 3 nights at the Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul on B&B basis
  • Tours on each day including Lunch on 1st & 3rd Day
  • Flights from London on British Airways
  • Flight from Seoul to Tokyo on the 12th May
  • All transfers
  • Extra night in Tokyo on the 23rd May
  • Optional Dinners to be booked nearer departure


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