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    Autumn 2015

We had a fabulous time again. Your organisation was impeccable, the venue and hotel were superb.

It’s a pleasure to join colleagues and learn together, but it’s a special privelege to work with an organisation that is motivated, slick, efficient and well organised.

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Customer Feedback

What do our delegates say? In case you have never been on a PGEA course with us we feel we should allow our previous delegates to persuade you of their value. Here are just a selection from the letters that we received after our conferences:


September 2014

Thank you for organising such a great conference! The speakers were all truly outstanding and none who didn’t give us very relevant information. Even today I referred several times to useful tips, diagnoses and treatments they had given us. I really enjoyed the ice cream and Parmesan/vinegar tour and felt they were perfectly timed. I thought all the restaurants I tried were great too. I am looking closely at Slovenia…A lovely crowd of fellow Conference plusers too..
Dr S.L. Hove

Thank you for another great trip! Bologna is beautiful and the conference was excellent. All put together with faultless admin as usual. See you again soon.
Dr S.B.

Thank you and Ian for the trip, it was very nice and the lectures were good. We all liked Bologna a lot.
Dr S.L.S.

We had a really positive first experience and will certainly be back!
Dr A.H.

Thank you for inviting us on this wonderful trip and thank you for being such a gracious and helpful host.

Just to say thank you for another fantastic course and venue. Looking forward to the next one!!
Dr E.B.

Thanks for a great conference really enjoyed myself already discussed ablation and pacemaker therapy with one of my dog walking friends.
Dr S.G.

We had a trouble free trip back and after a full day at work Bologna seems a long way away! Enjoyed the trip. Thought hotel great – so central. Lots to see.


May 2014

Just a little note to say what a fab time we both had and so lovely to meet you. We had such a good laugh every day it was really just what the doctor ordered 'Tyfoo'. If it is all right with you, could we invite other Nurse Practitioners on other trips such as the Bali trip etc. Well done for all the good work, also the work done by the doctors doing the eye operations giving all those hundreds of people back their lives.
You are both wonderful. Keep up the good work.
Ms SW, London

Thank you very much for another fabulous trip with Conference Plus and thank you to both you and Ian for looking after us and making Conference Plus what it is. We both loved Mauritius, the sea, weather, food, its people and of course we enjoyed the company of the delegates and their partners. I know if Conference Plus had not planned a trip to Mauritius we probably would not have got round to visiting this beautiful island. I am very much looking forward to another trip with Conference Plus.
Dr & Mrs DG, London

We had such a great time, another resounding Conference Plus success, thanks.
Dr & Mrs GG, Cwmbran

Thank you for organising another excellent and very enjoyable conference. Hope to see you again soon.
Dr SB, Yorkshire

Congratulations to you and Ian for a superbly organised conference and thanks for inviting us to come along and teach; it was an honour for us and we certainly enjoyed ourselves.
Dr RL, London

Thank you very much for asking us to teach on this Conference plus. It was an amazing experience for us as teachers but also as learners learning about stuff outside our collective expertise. The delegates were excellent and we enjoyed the interactions both within the lectures and outside the lectures. Conference Plus is indeed unique and long may it continue. Our experiences will certainly live long and indeed I still reminisce about Kenya in 2007. Of course the organisation you put into it all is second to none and kudos to you both for the excellence shown.
Dr CL, London

We both very much enjoyed meeting you both and the chance to get to know you. We must congratulate you on producing the current meeting so well but also you, Mike and Anne in creating the unique entity of Conference Plus. As with all arrangements that Shirley has made for us, the travel to and from Mauritius was excellent but also the arrangements to and from hotels and airports worked like clockwork. We both thank you both very much and look forward to seeing you.
Drs D & MB, London

Thank you both so much for inviting us to the Fabulous Mauritius conference! We had such a fantastic time – very well chosen hotel, excellent conference facilities and great entertainments all round! It was so good to meet you both after all the Peruvian emails! The catamaran and Indian night were such fun! We were so impressed by your fantastic ( and apparently effortless!) organization – true professionals and so efficient.
Dr MB, London

Ski Madonna di Campiglio

January 2014

Dear Anne and Mike, A big thank you for an impeccably organised conference – right down to the brilliant snow and brilliant puddings (not to mention the academic content of course). A great resort and lovely hotel which I think looked after us beautifully. Everyone I skied with seemed to really enjoy themselves and I hope you managed to get a little down time yourselves…Thank you again for all your hard work which is much appreciated and makes for such a relaxing week (for the delegates – not the organisers – obviously). With All Good Wishes.

Really wanted to thank you and Mike for a brilliant conference. I know it only goes as smoothly because of meticulous planning and organisation. The Conference Plus is a real highlight of the year. With best wishes.

It was a fantastic week that passed by all too quickly.

Excellent week – some of the best lecturers yet. Thanks.

Truly a heart warming magical experience, thanks to yours and Mike’s organisation and commitment. Thanks once again to both of you. Look forward to sharing similar events with you in the future.
Tariq (and the boss, Zahida)

Thank you for inviting us on the trip. We had such fun and hopefully improved our skiing! Best wishes.
Catherine (& Daryll)

What a wonderful week. Thank you to Michael and you for superb organisation and much fun! Particular thanks to Michael for introducing appropriate lunch topics over fondue – and of course winning such a prestigious award on Notte di Burns was icing on the cake! Xx

We had a wonderful time! The village was beautiful, the slopes wonderful, hotel really accommodating and the lecturers and topics were great and stimulating. I really enjoyed the week! A big thanks.
Dr A

Peru & The Amazon

October 2013

After a couple of hectic days I have finally found time to sit down and thank you and Ian for a real trip of a lifetime. We packed in so much and saw such beautiful places that we would never have got to on our own. Your choice of hotels was, as always, impeccable. I can honestly say that every destination was terrific in so many different ways that it is impossible to single out a favourite. Thank you both once again for a superb holiday.
Dr & Mrs PS, Surrey

Thanks for an amazing trip! Hope to come with conference plus again sometime! 100/100 for organising it so well, yet again! Well done!
Dr PN, Doncaster

Thank you both for what was the realisation of a lifelong ambition for both of us, and for the huge amount of time, energy and effort you both expended on our behalf.
Dr AG, Tyne & Wear

Best trip ever…your arrangements were perfect, all lecturers were entertaining and informative in so many different ways.

Firstly , thank you so much for all your brilliant organisational skills. The amount of effort you put into guiding us through the complications of airports, meeting the guides, lifting luggage, and making sure everyone was happy, as well as co coordinating the conference, equipment, and supporting your man, the delegates, and the folk who got ill was a mammoth task, as well as trying to do the fairly exhausting daily fun activities leaves me speechless. We were tired just rocking along!!! Your school reports must have said calm, efficient, amazing co coordinating skills, leadership top class etc etc. And you never lost your patience once. Most importantly you are both great fun!!!! Many thanks for asking us and leading us on the holiday of a lifetime. It has all been amazing and with lovely company.

Liz and I would like to say a huge thank you to you and Ian for a fantastic trip!!!!!!!!!! Conference Plus has lived up to its reputation for the best organised and most interesting of adventures!! Look forward to seeing you both next time!!
Drs L & S B, Berkshire

We’ve had some fun summing up our holiday to friends and family – cultural, personal, medical experiences altogether! Thank you very much for this unforgettable experience!
Dr CG, Hertfordshire

Fabulous trip, wonderful things that we saw and great lectures. The guides were fab. Thank you again.
Dr RJ, Guernsey

I’m sure you must have gathered (from our constantly elated spirits) that both Sairah and I loved the entire experience, the entire group was sooo lovely and accommodating…I’m pretty sure you will see more of our cohort of delegates in the conferences to come, I will also be promoting you to the group of GPs at my training practice! :)) …it is organised extremely well and worth every penny! haha yes you have a satisfied customer here!
Dr MM, Manchester

Firstly, thank you and Ian so much for an amazing trip. We can believe we covered so much!! We really did have a fantastic holiday and appreciate everything you have done to take such good care of us and the rest of the group.
Mrs EA, Leeds

A massive thank you to you both, for attention and care above and beyond all expectations. Well not quite true, as I’ve experienced your organisational prowess before. Still amazing and brilliant trip. Thanks again.
Dr RT, Guernsey


October 2013

Now that I am home in Reykjavík “safe and sound” after my very last trip with you I would like to thank you for everything. Your trips have been well planned and organized and the lectures have brought me a lot of knowledge and I have the feeling that they are getting better, more detailed and comprehensive
as the years pass. The trips I remember best are Galapagos/Peru in 2005 and the last Jerusalem/Jordan in 2012. Again my thanks and best wishes and may Conference Plus thrive and prosper in the years to come.
Dr HM, Reykjavik

Just a quick note of thanks. I have to say Seville was fabulous! I thoroughly enjoyed both the academic and the social aspects.
Mr AW, Herts (speaker)

Well done Annie. It's all we expect.
Mrs FP, Oxfordshire

Just wanted to say thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and impeccably well organised week.
Dr JS, Yorkshire

…now I am back to reality and I want to thank you for a great conference and wonderful time in Spain. It was perfect for me. I liked the lectures and I will def come again so please keep going…
Dr EK, Iceland

THANK YOU both very much for a most enjoyable trip/course. We certainly saw lots & both enjoyed the company too. The course content was really useful and I will share the pearls with colleagues. 1st class all round.
Dr KD, Scotland


May 2013

I had a fantastic time in Turkey and it was good to have the opportunity to meet the delegates outside the normal working environment in the UK! I would like to thank you for inviting me to speak and also congratulate you on finding such a spectacular setting for the meeting!
Speaker. Turkey 2013

Thanks to Ian for organising such a great scientific lecture programme. Cappadocia was an amazing choice for the conference and unique landscape, so delighted I have seen it. Thanks to you both for organising such a great conference. Hope to make Mauritius.
Dr SL, East Sussex

Just to say thank you for organising such a wonderful conference-the speakers not only gave us good education but were also entertaining! The location was out of this world! Thanks for the photos-we look forward to info on Mauritius conference.
Dr & Mr KT, London

Thank you for organising a very enjoyable trip. We enjoyed the sightseeing in Istanbul and Cappadocia and it was nice to get to know the other delegates under the sunshine. I enjoyed chatting to the speakers after the lectures to test out my ideas on them. The speakers were all excellent. There were some really interesting people.
Dr AB. Northumberland

Just to say how much I enjoyed Istanbul and Cappadocia and already looking forward to the next one!
Dr RC, Aberdeenshire

Thank you so much for the really lovely conference in Turkey, we had such a great time and enjoyed meeting up again with so many ‘old’ friends.
Dr & Mrs JW, Northampton

Many thanks for a wonderful and enjoyable break. I needed to get away from the NHS. It was nice to see old friends.
Drs G & WS, Essex

Dear both stunning time as always and I know all the paddling below water that goes on, to the most tiny detail…thanks for all your help and of course usual efficiency and genuine care.
Mrs FP, Oxford

We had a lovely time in Turkey. Also the speakers were excellent. We look forward to joining you again in the future.
Drs K & OS, Middlesex

Just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful conference. We both enjoyed it very much. Thank you. See you next year!
Dr & Mr EE, Devon


February 2013

Thank you for a lovely trip to Oman. As always the time goes by all too quickly and yet again I find that you and Conference Plus have introduced me to another world that I want to go back to as well as join in with future Conference Plus trips. Thank you very much for a fabulous time.
Sally & David

Another terrific trip. So well organised with loads of variety and such fun. We liked Oman enormously. Thank you both.
B&B, Guernsey

Oman is memorable in so many ways & not just those sea-urchin spines (only about 15 left to pick out!) incredible scenery, brill hotel, lovely people (& the delegates!) & great speakers. We’re looking forward to the next time…but which one??
Dr GG, Wales

We had a wonderful time in Oman – thank you for such splendid organisation & such a superb location we would never have thought of travelling to Oman otherwise, but feel we might go again sometime the academic course was probably the most enjoyable & informative that I have ever attended.
Dr RM, Gloucestershire

Thank you for one of the best conferences of our 14(?) – friendly folk, small enough group to get chatting, beautiful hotel & country.
Dr & Mrs MG, Dorset

Ski Tignes

January 2013

Well, well – yet another towering success! I don’t know how you manage it – you must both be exhausted! Another fantastic crowd and an absolutely terrific week. Thank you both for your exceptional organisation and warmth.
Dr JB, London

Thank you for yet another wonderful conference. In these times of threat of revalidation and pension robbery, it’s great to meet with like minded people who still have a love for the job they signed up to do, and can find ways of doing it. We always feel it’s a bit like a new term at Hogwarts when we meet up at the airport to head for the ski conference. It’s a great feat of organisation and we appreciate your hard work, particularly this year with the weather problems. We got away from Geneva within half an hour of the scheduled time which was amazing! I think it speaks volumes that even those who have retired are still keen to attend, and Chris Evans sat in on the other speakers, such was the quality.
Dr CA, Ayrshire

Thank you Shirley and Ian for organising such a good conference and very enjoyable last night.
Dr SH, Shropshire

Thanks to you and Ian for another great trip.
Dr RM, West Midlands

Thanks to you and Ian for such a wonderful Conference. I had a great time.
Dr MB, Guernsey

Thanks very much for a great time. Will miss you both next year but hope you have a good one. See you in two years.
Dr PC, Yorkshire

Fabulous week. Thanks again to you and Ian for organising it. Martha and I thoroughly enjoyed it once again.
Dr WS, Lanarkshire

A big thank you to you both for another great ski conference. I particularly admired how calm and collected you were Shirley (on the exterior at least!) on the Saturday with the travel chaos.
Dr PW, Guernsey

Thank you and the team for a wonderfully organised event.
Dr TH, Nottingham

Thank you so much for the conference, skiing experience and everything else :)
Dr NK, Iceland

Firstly to thank you for your brilliant organisation of the course and trip. I am so impressed with your diplomacy and charm in all circumstances!
Dr LA, London

Just to say thank you once again for an excellent conference.
Dr PS, Guernsey


October 2012

Thanks for a wonderful trip, conference brilliantly run as usual and excellent lectures . Fell in love with Sicily will definitely return. It’s either Turkey or Spain next year for me…probably Turkey.
Dr G.M.

Thanks for having us. We both had a great time. I really enjoyed the interactive sessions with a very bright and interested group of GPs. Sarah enjoyed a break from the kids and we both enjoyed seeing more of each other in 4 days than we normally manage in a month! The trip was extremely well organised – we were most impressed. You and Shirley clearly have a talent in the travel department. Long may these conferences continue.
Mr R.P.

Dear Shirley, thanks for having us on thoroughly enjoyable Conference Plus in Sicily. The lectures as always were of high educational value and very practical. Through you I would like to thank all the 3 speakers.
Dr J.P.

It was a great conference, socially and academically. Thanks for making it such an enjoyable experience.
Dr J.M.

We just arrived home to Iceland. We are very happy about the tour, Taormina is a beautiful place, I'm happy about the conference and the hotel was excellent. So many thanks for the tour and also best regards to Ian.
Dr S.L.S.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and thanks once again in organising the trip so efficiently.
Dr R.N.

Fantastic few days. Conference Plus as good as ever. Thanks for all your efforts.
Dr T.P.


October 2012

Thank you once again for arranging such a magnificent holiday and conference. We were stimulated by Mumbai and Kolkata, entranced by Darjeeling and fascinated by beautiful Bhutan. The travel and general organisation were marvellous as per usual…we are already looking forward to Oman.
Wyn & Gurdev

Just to say a very big thank you for another action packed holiday. We experienced so much in a short space of time and will now relive it at a slower pace through our photos…Thank you once again for a brilliant trip which will stay in our memories forever.

It is certainly we who should be thanking you both for the most brilliant organisation and attention to detail that made the holiday so wonderful (plus the great company of course!).
Briony & David


March 2012

Thank you both so very much for an absolutely superb trip. The experiences were so intense they will takes ages to reflect on. Truly your courses do alter the perspective I bring to my daily work, and the extra dimension of seeing what we do from the culture and history of another country helps me to understand my inner city patients just that little bit more.
Dr V M - Vauxhall, London

What a fantastic Conference! Thank you so much - another triumph. We really did enjoy Jerusalem and do feel we now know just a little about its complicated past, and present; perhaps it future will be less so? Thank you for organising such a great range of tours and employing such knowledgeable and experienced guides - they were all super.
Dr & Mrs J W - Northants

I did enjoy being with you in Jerusalem - thank you for looking after me so well. I marvel at your enthusiasm and stamina.
Dr S B - Suffolk

Thanks so much for a great week. I had an amazing time. Lectures superb and the tours were so well organised. Had a blast!
Dr P W - Lincolnshire

Once more all I can do is thank you both for this great journey to Jerusalem and Petra. I had no idea of how much there was to see , learn and try to understand, though a lot of the history of these amazing places will only be a vague memory unless you organize another trip...or I start reading a lot more! However the impressions will stay and of course the hundreds of photos we all took. As always it is such a pleasure to join your very special trips in such lovely company.
Ms U W - Spain

I just wanted to thank you so much from the 4 of us for a terrific week, with you and thanks to you. We were very lucky to join you and the kids had a lovely time too.
Prof J S - London


January 2012

We must tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed this trip with you and thank you very much for planning everything so perfectly. The hotel was great, skiing fantastic and the conference as well. We are looking forward to our next trip with you :) Best wishes from Iceland,
N.K & Family

Thank you for a wonderful trip. The organisation, venue and lectures were all superb as usual. I've had an excellent week.
D.P. - W.Mids

We had such a fabulous time again. Your organisation was impeccable, the venue and hotel were superb. It’s a pleasure to join colleagues and learn together, but it’s a special privelege to work with an organisation that is motivated, slick, efficient and well organised. To you and Mike, we all wish to thank you. We had a great week and met really interesting and fun colleagues. Weeks like this remind us why we like to work with our colleagues.
W.H. - Pinner

Chile & Antarctica

January 2012

It was a fantastic experience and joy on the Antarctica expedition. Usha and I really enjoyed it very much. We are looking forward to joining you on future trips. I must appreciate the hard work you are doing. It is a mammoth task to organise, look after everybody’s interest and achieve Post Graduate lectures. I have learned a lot during this trip. Many thanks for giving us a great time.
Drs V.P. & U.S. - Sheffield

We’re back to our busy lives again but are sustained by wonderful memories of the peace and beauty of Antarctica. The educational sessions will also contribute to future practice and the benefit of patients as well as my CDP record. A huge thank you for your efficient organisation which made it go so smoothly, and special thanks for the gifts. We enjoyed the Pinnacle meal and bottle of fizz, and are looking forward to trying the recipes in the cookery book. Ian is sorting through 4000 photographs, and with them we shall re-live the experience many times.
Dr & Mr E.M. - Edinburgh

Once again, thank you so much for making an adventure come true. Anna and I "are in the skies" as we say in Icelandic meaning extremely satisfied with our trip. We know that you "are only doing your job" in planning and exercising a trip like this but the way you do it is fascinating. It is immensely comfortable being in a group belonging to you, it has to do with your more than amiable personalities. Keep on going.
Dr & Mrs B.J. - Iceland

Just back from our second Conference Extravaganza and would like to thank the Ingram Gold team and their background girls for two amazing trips. We look forward to the Amazon and the India trips. We believe the formula of relaxing and learning with fellow Medics & their wives is a winner combining first rate travel with excellent learning. We highly recommend the Ingram/Gold travel packages to both new clients and satisfied returners.
Drs G. & M.C. - Lincolnshire

We had the most wonderful time, it’s such a privilege to see Antarctica. Everything else was pretty damn good too! We are very grateful for the opportunity to have been to those places with our ‘old’ friends…thanks…
Dr & Mrs G.G. - Cwmbran

We are both grateful indeed for the opportunity to go with Conference Plus on what is almost certainly a once-in-a lifetime chance to reach the remotest reaches of the planet. As the dust settles, and we begin ploughing through the voluminous records we have made we are constantly being agreeably surprised by what we have managed to record. It was also a pleasure to be in the stimulating company of the other delegates some of whom were old friends from previous tours, and others whose acquaintance it was a privilege, and a delight to make. Thank you both again; it has been a truly memorable trip.
Drs T & J G - Newcastle

On return, one is lost for words to conjure when asked “well, what was it like?”. There were also comments like “you look so well” and “where on earth did you get the sunburn?” – all a reflection of how grim we must have looked on departure in late December.

So, from us, a great big thanks for the invitation to join the Conference Plus crew and also, for your hospitality and friendship.
Prof & Mrs O.E. London

Guatemala & Belize

November 2011

Thank you for organising such a truly amazing time in Guatemala and Belize. I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to such fantastic countries, seeing so much and arranging everything so perfectly. As a really difficult person to feed and a non-walker, you managed to make everything perfect for me. There were no hitches. Each hotel was absolutely superb and different, although top quality and individual. The talks were amazing and ran so smoothly. It really was first class education and a trip in a million. Vastly better than any travel organisation or other educational team could have orchestrated. A very big thank you and I do hope to join you in the future…Please send my email to all the lovely docs and others who were on the holiday. All were kind and caring about me as a singleton.
With love and longing to see your expert photos.

Have just about surfaced from the washing and ironing mountain and wanted to say a very big thank you to you both for the fabulous trip to Guatemala and Belize. Peter and I enjoyed every minute of it from the history to the wildlife as well as the suberb hotels, guides etc. It was a place we would probably not have thought of as a holiday destination until you opened our eyes, so thank you once again.
Much love C&Pr


March 2011

Thank you for organising my epic journey across India. I have to admit I embarked on the trip with much trepidation, but reassured that your usual professional approach would prevail. I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-conference itinerary and was delighted by Kerala. Well done to you both for enriching my life yet again.
Mrs A.T. Middlesex

A very sincere thank you for a truly wonderful experience in India. As always the organisation was superb and the company excellent. We both felt we had learnt such a lot about a country we had not visited before and the opportunities to mix with local people added some very special insights which will never be forgotten. Our guides throughout were a mine of information and gave us the confidence to experience situations which on our own we might have missed. So thank you once again and we look forward to travelling with you again in the future.
Dr & Mrs P.S. Surrey

New Orleans

March 2011

A short message to say how much I enjoyed joining the latest conference to New Orleans. I really appreciated your kindness and organisation on my behalf and I hope that my contributions to the academic programme were about right. It was also a great pleasure to meet so many friendly people who were clearly thoroughly enjoying the trip. New Orleans was fascinating and, now back at work (after last week on leave), I can see how the travel bug could catch.
Dr D E (Speaker)

Cambodia, Laos & Burma

October 2010

Thank you both for a fantastic two weeks. So many special memories and hundreds of photos to sort out! You and Michael organised and delivered a faultless programme and Liz and I are very grateful!
Dr S B Berkshire

How can I ever thank for letting me join all these adventures with you. What a memorable journey this has been again. I am still trying to remember and sort through the details of this very special trip and there have been so many of them. To pick out a highlight, I can’t as there were too many! With love and many thanks.
Ms U W - Spain


Feb 2010

Dear Mike and Anne - just arrived back to snow in Newcastle and already missing the wonderful Indian Ocean. I just wanted to write and thank you for a great trip. We loved meeting everyone, the atmosphere of warmth, the organisation, the setting and I enjoyed the sessions I was involved in. You and your family made everyone feel welcome and set the scene for the smooth and enjoyable week we enjoyed. We were very much looking forward to our week but it still exceeded our expectations.
G Jackson, Speaker. Newcastle

We all had a fab time despite the burning skin which is now peeling .I can’t say enough about the fantastic standard of the speakers and the great atmosphere amongst all.... Looking forward to Burma and Cambodia already but I won’t wish away the summer and of course I am off to your Rome Conference with my mum in April. Thanks again for a fantastic trip.
Christine, Bicester

Thank you so much for a brilliant time in Zanzibar and Tanzania. Although initially trepidatious of the safari, I felt safe, excited and had a wonderful time. Even the food, which I felt may be a stumbling block was terrific, something for everyone. The talks were excellent but Warren has, for my money, to be the best speaker I've ever heard. I would go to another Conference plus just to hear him talk again! Thank you again for all the superb organisation and care of me and others. A conference and a half to remember forever.
Sue, Sussex


Nov/Dec 09

Thank you so much for a really wonderful holiday and learning experience, not only medically, but for enabling us to experience and learn about another fascinating country and culture. You both did a brilliant job organising everything for all of us - it can't have been easy! We feel that the balance between tours, free time and lectures was spot on.
Dr & Mrs R.A. Leeds

This has to be one of the most fantastic conferences ever. Looking back I cannot believe how many fabulous sights we saw and how much was achieved in such a relatively short time. The dinners were also in such great locations and all of the hotels were superb. Thank you for allowing me to share in this wonderful experience.
Mrs M.L. Billericay Non-delegate

It was the best trip ever! Thanks for everything you and Ian did to make it so! We will look forward to joining you on another such trip.
Dr P.N. Doncaster

Thank you and Ian very much indeed for arranging the wonderful conference in Japan. It truly was the voyage of a lifetime. The hotels were superb and the guides excellent.
Mrs M.M. Ascot Non-delegate

Attending alone or as a non-delegate?

Thank you for the superb organisation of the trip! I had a wonderful time and have provisionally booked to return. Thank you for looking after us solo travellers. I'd recommend anyone to join you.
Dr Joan Mason, Warwicks

Conference Plus

If you are unsure whether to come with your partner all we can do is assure you that there will be plenty for everyone to do:

Thank you so much for welcoming Adrian and I as non-delegates…we thoroughly enjoyed the hotel, the tours, the meals and of course the company. We returned relaxed and refreshed…we look forward to seeing you again for another exciting experience!
Dr A Mattison, Cheshire

Make your appraisal so much easier

The quality of the educational sessions is as good as the very best anywhere. The notes available to delegates after the sessions are concise, relevant and an essential aid to completing the CPD section of appraisal and revalidation. Combining a fantastic holiday with such good education not to be missed.
MC, Scotland

Individual Travel

Yes, Conference Plus will organise your private holidays too!

Peru & Ecuador November 2013

Safely home after an absolutely amazing trip! Thank-you so very much for all your hard work in making it such a success for all 5 of us - particularly all Charlie’s last minute arrangements. Particular highlights were Lake Titicaca , Machu Picchu, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley - the hotels at Titicaca, Cuzco and Machu Picchu were amazing and we had a fantastic guide (Ruben) at Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. In Cuzco we also had an adorable driver (Romulus) and guide (Matteo) who collected Charlie and were very sweet. Unexpected delights were the Orchid trail at the Inkaterra in Machu Picu and the wonderful lunch and horses at Sol e Luna in the Sacred Valley and star-gazing through the telescope at the Casa Andina in the Sacred valley. We ate fantastically well everywhere however! We loved both train rides which were great fun.

The Galapagos was absolutely out of this world - I don’t think I have ever been more sad to leave somewhere! The whole trip was absolutely faultless. The staff on the Isabela were a delight and couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. The Naturalist (Gabriel) was utterly delightful - I was tempted to take him home! Food was also delicious. The Islands were really spectacular, we could easily have spent another week there!

Overall a once in a lifetime trip and fantastically organised! Thank-you again so VERY much for all your marvellous organisation - you have been so patient with all our muddles and changes of plan. We had such a brilliant time - all thanks to your fantastic organisation! Now we have to decide where to go next - Argentina perhaps??!!
Mr DB & Dr MB

Well where do I start? We had a wonderful trip and thank you for organising it with such care. It worked so well. We loved Peru and managed to see a lot of the country.

The trip was a huge success and we all fell totally in love with the Galapagos. The Isabela ll was absolutely fantastic in every way…the programme on the boat was brilliant, food delicious and delightful crew. It was a great way to do it with the boat at the end of our holiday as we’d done a lot of moving around and to relax etc on the boat for six nights was perfect. We were very lucky as our English speaking guide on the boat was great and we all loved the snorkelling and walks.

It's now back to reality but we really did have a memorable holiday and thank you once again for your very careful organisation; it all ran so smoothly.
Mr & Mrs JP

Guatemala & Belize November 2013

We got back from our trip yesterday morning and had a terrific time. We absolutely loved Guatemala and I bought an inordinate amount of fabrics! Jane was a superb guide and we certainly had a few weird experiences. We have never been anywhere quite like it. We also had a great time in Belize…really glad we stayed at Turtle Inn. It was very quiet to start with (only 15 guests) but the numbers were picking up by the end. Drank a lot of rum cocktails! Had great fun on the little plane from Placencia to Belize International with 2 stopovers en route. Our co-pilot got ‘bumped’ on the first stop and one of the passengers got his seat. Thank you so much for putting together such an excellent itinerary. We really enjoyed it and benefitted from your inside knowledge. I can understand why you recommended Guatemala and Belize as they were a winning combination.
Mr & Mrs Smyth

Tanzania/Zanzibar March 2013

We are now back from our holiday and very sad that it is all over. But we have some amazing memories and photos! We had a trip of a lifetime, it was so easy with your agency, we didn’t have to think about anything. Our guide was really nice and let us do an extra safari on the last day. The lodges were beautiful with breathtaking views as were the national parks. We also loved the hotel in Stonetown! It was very special. We both wanted to thank you so much for organising the trip for us. We couldn’t have gone without you!
Katie & Dan

Argentina April 2011

I cannot thank you enough for organising what was a truly amazing trip for us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the organisation was excellent. The Llao Llao hotel was everything you had said it would be. Stunning!

We were so glad that we took your advice and had our Buenos Aires tour with Veronica on our stop over day. She was brilliant and showed us the sights we needed to "do" which was just as well as we did not do much sightseeing when we went back for the wedding.

Many thanks again. We could not have seen and done so much in our time without your thorough and knowledgeable organisation.
Love, Pat and Tony

Malaysia & Singapore Nov 2009

Well, we’re back, and what a fantastic time we've had! Borneo was fantastic - despite the best efforts of the rain and the leeches - and the local agencies did a great job of organising things on the ground. Thanks for all your fantastic hard work and effort in getting this all arranged at such short notice - it was hugely appreciated by us all! Catch up again soon"

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